Recycling scrap provides a sustainable alternative and supports the global supply chain with raw materials.

Demolition leaves a lot of debris that must be sorted/separated/recycled. The responsible recycling of this material is crucial. Hydraulic excavators are the most popular machines for waste and recycling work today to run attachments such as 2nd Member Steel Shear/Rotate, 3rd Member Steel Shears/Rotate, Sorting Grapples, Magnets and Screening Buckets.

Adding HCT kits to your arsenal can easily let you do more, varied jobs – all with a single machine.

Adding the right hydraulic kits to increase the versatility of your excavator makes more economic sense than buying a second machine to do a job — or losing money by subcontracting that work out to someone else. When you invest in HCT kits, you not only make your single machine, or machine fleet, more versatile, you also make yourself more profitable in the long run.


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